Why should I use Remote Operator Australia to prepare my documents?

We estimate these documents would take a person 2-3 weeks or more to prepare from scratch. For individuals and sole traders (especially) this is a large undertaking and takes you away from building other areas of your business. By completing our online form in just 10 minutes, you will save a tremendous amount of time and hassle.

We carefully prepare your documents with extensive safety and operational procedures which are essential to being approved for a ReOC by CASA. It does take experience and specific knowledge to understand what procedures are required and how to write them.

CASA may charge additional fees (approx $160/hour) if documents require amendment and re-assessment or even reject an application outright, so it is wise to have these prepared by a professional.


What is the process for applying for a RPA Operators Certificate (ReOC)?

The nominated Chief Remote Pilot must already hold a RePL (Remote Pilots Licence). For an individual or sole trader, this is the applicant. The applicant is required to fill out two forms (CASA Forms 101-02 and 101-04) and attach proof of ID and proof of ownership of any trading names.
The applicant must prepare a Remote Operations Manual and Procedures Library (the part we provide).
The applicant will submit the application via email to CASA (regservices@casa.gov.au).
CASA will contact the applicant for any further information, to arrange an interview/assessment and to pay the application fee ($1500-1800).
Upon successful assessment, CASA will issue a ReOC to the applicant.

See more here: How To Get Your ReOC.


I have a Remote Pilots Licence (RePL), why do I need a RPA Operators Certificate (ReOC)?

A RePL allows a pilot to operate RPAs commercially for a business holding a ReOC. If your business does not have a ReOC, your business cannot employ remote pilots. If you are an individual or sole trader you need both an RePL and a ReOC to operate RPAs commercially.


What are the advantages of a RPA Operators Certificate (ReOC)?

While commercial operations are possible without a ReOC, there are significant advantages to holding one:

  • Not having a ReOC means for commercial operations you’re limited to flying a very small RPA. Generally, if you want to fly anything heavier, above two kilograms, you’ll need a ReOC.

  • Having a ReOC means you are not restricted to operating under CASA's standard operating conditions, greatly opening where and how you can fly (see below).

  • Not having a ReOC means you will be much less likely to obtain insurance, leaving you financially liable for any incident or accident arising from flying your RPA. Clients/employers are also less likely to hire you if you’re uninsured.

ReOC holders were given significant additional privileges under the CASR Part 101 amendment, including:

  • permission to operate closer than 30 metres, but no less than 15 metres, from a person.

  • night time flying (with night approval).

  • the ability to get approval to the regulations e.g. beyond-visual-line-of-sight where CASA accepts that the safety case for the operation maintains the current level of aviation safety.

  • the ability to apply for a range of different additional approvals. However, be aware there are also state licensing requirements for various flight activities (eg, applying agricultural chemicals).

Watch this video for more information.

How long do you take to prepare the documents?

Our normal turn-around is 4-5 days. This is due to the large demand for ReOC applications as the commercial UAV market continues to expand.

For an additional fee of $59.00 we can prioritise your documents and guarantee to provide these to you within 24 hours.


Why is your service so much cheaper than other providers?

Our business is focussed only on preparing the operations manuals and procedures libraries required for Remote Operators Certificate applications. As we do not perform other tasks, we have a refined, efficient process for preparing these documents. This allows us to provide the service at a low cost. Other providers are simply overcharging.


Do you provide training for Remote Pilot Licences (RePL)?

No. Our business is focussed on preparing ReOC application documents. We do not offer any other services at this time.


Do I need to read the documents that you provide?

Yes. This is very important. Although the documents are prepared by Remote Operator Australia, your business will be conducting operations under the manual and procedures you receive from us. You must understand the conditions and procedures under which you will be operating. There are usually interviews as part of the ReOC application process, so you must be very familiar with the contents of your manual.


Can you guarantee the documents you prepare will be approved by CASA or a delegate?

We take the utmost care when producing our RPAS operations documents, but we cannot guarantee that CASA will approve your business operations, or that CASA document requirements will not change.

We guarantee we will work with you and CASA (or the delegate) to rectify any document issues identified as quickly as possible.


What file format do you provide the documents in?

We provide the documents in Word (docx) format. This is so you can make any required alterations (e.g. quality form numbers) to your documents. This also allows you to maintain the documents in the future. This is also the format required by CASA for ReOC applications.


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