The ReOC Application Process



  • If you are applying as an organisation, your business will need an ARN (Aviation Reference Number). This can be attained by submitting Form 1170 to CASA. If you are a sole operator or individual, your individual ARN may be used

  • Have ready details of your organisation (ABN, ACN, etc) and an Organisational Chart (for business applications).

  • Make a list of the RPA (drone/UAV) models which will be used for operations


Order Your RPA Operations Manual & Procedures Library

ReOC manual online order form

STEP 1: Complete Our Online Form

  1. Fill in your individual contact details.

  2. Enter the details about your and your business (the Operator).

  3. Nominate a Chief Remote Pilot - this person will be responsible for all aviation operations conducted by the organisation. The Chief Remote Pilot must already hold a Remote Pilots Licence (RePL). For an individual, this can be yourself.

  4. Nominate a Maintenance Controller. This person will be responsible for all maintenance and safe condition of all RPA systems. The Maintenance Controller can be anyone holding a Remote Pilots Licence (RePL) (including yourself if you are applying as an individual).

  5. Detail your operations - e.g. aerial photography, survey, 3D mapping, inspections, agriculture.

  6. Select all the RPA models your organisation will use for operations. If these aren't in the list, please enter them in the supplied text box. We will use these to provide specific information and reference materials in the documents.

  7. Add any procedures specific to your intended operations which you would like to include. These will be added in addition to the procedures we have already prepared and customised. Provide these procedures in full with as much information and detail as possible.

  8. Provide any additional comments which we may need to know about your organisation or operations to prepare the documents. This is optional.

  9. Payment - We accept all major credit cards and PayPal through our secure gateway. Payment can be made after completing all the above details in the form.

What Happens Next

ReOC manual procedures preparation service

STEP 2: Our Turn

We take all the information you provided in the form and prepare two documents: a RPAS Operations Manual and a Procedures Library.


  • A fully customised, CASA-compliant RPAS Operations Manual complete with distribution control requirements, specific RPA model details and safety instructions

  • A Procedures Library, complete with normal and specialised operational procedures, night-flying requirements, methods for flying within 30m of persons, emergency procedures, forms and documentation specific to each RPA model your business operates.

See our pricing page for more information.

Our preparation of these manuals is based on:

  • Extensive experience preparing manuals for existing ReOC holders

  • The latest information and specifications from CASA

  • Feedback from our previous customers and CASA

Once we have completed and proofed your documents, we will supply these by email in Word (.docx) format. This enables you to make any final revisions as you wish, and to maintain the documents going forward. If you require a different format, let us know.

ReOC manual and procedures emailed

STEP 4: Submit Your Application

You have two options:

1. Apply through a Delegate

A delegate is a company designated by CASA to assess applications on their behalf.

A list of current delegates can be found here.

Contact the delegate for instructions on how to submit your application - some delegates require the same forms as CASA, while others have an online application form.

The delegate or CASA will then assess the application and conduct an interview (see below).

Our experience is that delegates are currently assessing and approving ReOC applications much faster than CASA, however we recommend speaking to the delegates about the process before you submit your application.

2. Apply directly through CASA

Complete the two ReOC application forms: Form 101-02 and Form 101-04

Attach the forms and the RPAS Operations Manual and Procedures Library we provided to an email along with ID and business information. Email your application to

CASA (or the delegate) will contact you for the required assessment fee (approx. $1500-1800) and will organise an interview (see below).

CASA REOC Interview

STEP 5: Interview

The nominated Chief Remote Pilot will be contacted by the delegate or CASA for an interview. The interview is normally phone based and is a task-based scenario. Some paperwork may be required to complete before the interview (e.g. Flight Authorisation, Job Safety Assessment, Risk Assessment).

The interview questions will relate to the scenario and the answers the Chief Remote Pilot gave in the paperwork.


STEP 6: Follow Up (If Required)

The delegate (or CASA) may provide verbal and written feedback on your application, if there were any issues identified. You may be required to submit corrections before your ReOC can be issued. Remote Operator Australia can provide advice in this situation.

ReOC certification

STEP 7: Receive your ReOC

You will be issued with a RPA Operator's Certificate (ReOC) and you can start flying and earning.