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RPA Operations Manual

RPAS Operations Manual & Procedures Library


A CASA-compliant, complete and customised Operations Manual with:

  • Compliance Requirements & Statement

  • Distribution Control

  • Amendment Procedures

  • Accountabilities & Responsibilities

  • General Operating Standards

  • Remote Pilot Administration

  • Flight Conduct

  • RPA Operational Requirements

  • Methods of Recording Hours, Maintenance and Defects

  • Internal Training Requirements

  • Job Safety Assessment (JSA) Requirements

  • Compliance Checks

  • Instructions for Completing JSAs and Risk Assessments

  • Threat and Error Management

  • Specialised Operations

  • Incident Reporting

  • Maintenance Control Procedures

  • Maintenance Procedures, Authorisation and Recording

  • Risk Control Worksheet & Procedure

  • Schedule of RPA Types

  • Nominated Personnel

Plus a professionally written and customised CASA compliant Procedures Library including:

  • Normal Procedures

  • Approval Procedures

  • Pre-Operation Procedures

  • Take-Off & In-Flight Procedures

  • Experience Requirements

  • Defect & Maintenance Log

  • Emergency Procedures

  • Non-normal Operation Procedures (e.g. flying within 3nm of an aerodrome, flying at night or within 30m of a person)

  • Procedures and Reference Documents Specific to your RPA(s)

  • Flight Approval, JSA Forms and RPAS Logs

  • Training Syllabus

  • Consent Forms

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